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Problems opening theme page – actually anyone’s WordPress page: very strange as the theme construction is just not there.

Ho well, with luck the ‘Happiness Engineers’ will sort out what is going on: two computers, one win8 the other win7 also a Samsung tab on Wi-Fi, using Firefox or Windows Explorer, all show the same problem.

With luck this post will look ok as preview puts it all down one side of the page, my theme is just not there.

In the meantime here are a few from my favourite mountain:

Rising mist - Jebel Shams

Rising mist - Jebel Shams No3

Rising mist - Jebel Shams No2Nikon F4 using T-Max 400 @ 320.

Jebel Misht.

Shams to MishtMisht from lower Shams.

Pushing the limits of film & Photoshop images.

Jebel Track.

Jebel trackNikon F4 &  Tokina 35-70 f2.8 AIS AT-X, made on Ilford fp4. Negative slightly diffused with Vaseline on old filter.

The magic of analog photography – By: Nathalie Lopparelli.

This is what it’s all about – nothing like it :)

Sorry for those who don’t speak French (mine is very bad !) but it does not detract from the enjoyment of watching an artist at work.

Work in progress.

Steps (3)



Playing again – actually I am experimenting with making digital negatives that I can contact print in the darkroom using conventional gelatin silver paper.

For those that don’t know this technique;  it involves printing an image onto ‘overhead projection film’ as a negative, then contact printing this ‘negative’ onto traditional photographic paper by sandwiching both under a sheet of glass and exposing under the enlarger.

The negative is created in Photoshop by inverting a fully processed curves adjusted image; this adjustment is needed to compensate for the difference in tonal range between the screen image and the printing paper being used. The image is then printed onto OHP film at any size one chooses and can then be used like any other large format negative.

It has been used by some for a number of years now, but new for me – I am always slow catching up with these things :)


The Colours Of Light.

The first few lines from a poem by Dorothea Mackellar.

The Colours Of Light

This is not easy to understand
For you that come from a distant land
Where all the colours are low in pitch -
Deep purples, emeralds deep and rich,
Where autumn’s flaming and summer’s green -
Here is a beauty you have not seen.

Last one.

Desert H S. 2Normality will resume soon – promise.



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