Muttrah Corniche – Last Today.

Muttrah Corniche 7Muttrah Corniche.

Muttrah Corniche – again.

Muttrah Corniche 6Muttrah Corniche again.

Muttrah Corniche.

Mutrah Corniche 5Merchant Houses – Muttrah.

Dolphins – Muttrah Corniche.

Dolphins - Muttrah CornicheDolphins – Muttrah Corniche.

Australian Humour.


These two are great – always worth watching: Australian Voting to be Outsourced.

Now that’s a novel idea – ho wait a minute didn’t we already do that ? it’s called the EEC (sorry EU) or then again, maybe I should ask Vladimir Bukovsky what he thought it was called.


Just a Leaf.

Just a leaf

Garden Plants.

Garden Flower 2

Garden Flower

Garden leavesD200 with Micro - NIKKOR 55mm f/2.8 AI-s.

My garden is beginning to come out of summer hibernation.


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