Radio Luxembourg on the wireless.

     Radio Luxembourg on the wireless - now that takes me back :)

From my Files 2.

Tree & old Wall Bat tonedBronze age wall – exposed during excavations at Bat.

From my Files.

Wadi - early evening 3

Wadi - early evening 4

Wadi - early evening

Wadi - early evening 2

Cannon tower Al hazm fort.

Cannon tower Al hazm fortThis column has a lot of work put into the decoration for what is essentially a support.

Spent ages trying to get a position that would show both sides and centralise the arch: gave up !

Door fittings.

Door fittingsDoor fittings.

Dates in Oman.

Dates geen toneThe weather maybe hot but it is good for dates….

A Flower.

A flower“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” (Scott Adams)


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